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What Clients Are Saying
"Peter Garruba was extremely prompt with every single request we had and the communication was great. Peter Garruba met and exceeded all of our expectations and made himself available anytime we asked. We may buy another house just to hire Peter again. Simply put Peter made the process as seamless as he could have. When purchasing a home there are a ton of wheels in motion and more often than not we gave Peter requests with little or no notice. This was never an issue and Peter always got us the information that we needed, and more! He was someone we were able to rely upon during this process.”
Michael Lofaro and Lauren Schroeder
"I chose Peter Garruba, not because I knew him in the community, but because of his general enthusiasm and go-get-’em attitude about life in general. I felt that would be conveyed to whatever buyers he would contact. Also, he kept calm and cool, even when things got messy or iffy or just plain difficult. This helped to keep ME calm and cool, too, which I appreciated. Another plus is that Peter was ALWAYS very helpful, willing to help, to pitch in when I was packing, to come to the house and meet contractors and others so that I did not have to drive out from Manhattan. Very important to me and very helpful. HIs advice was always sound. I would certainly recommend him.”
Leslie P Hayes, Manhattan (Seller)